How often do you hear yourself saying, "We don't need to invest in marketing right now: We've got plenty of business"?


Here’s what successful building product marketers do in good times and bad…

Let’s face it—it’s easy to look at the work rolling in during a solid year and feel like you can kick your feet up for a while. Why invest in marketing when you have all the business you can handle, right?

That’s where many businesses get into trouble.

Here’s a real life story for you—

A friend shared his personal experience working for a large corporation that did this very thing.

They had several huge projects keeping their team of employees very busy. Unfortunately, they weren’t filling their pipeline with what was coming next. Once those huge projects were over, the company had offices filled with people, but not enough work to keep them busy. This was not a good move for the business or the team.

Eventually, the reductions started and our friend began looking for a new job. He went to a smaller company that prided itself on working lean and efficiently—never needing to cut staff.

But, guess what happened—this company fell into the Exact. Same. Trap.

They were having a busy year and everyone was focused on working “in the business”—while forgetting to work “on the business” (… marketing to generate new opportunities).

Sure enough, they to had cut team members and reduce others to part-time. It took almost six months to get back up to speed and fill the pipeline again.

You don’t want this fate.

And, we don’t want you to make these mistakes either—you’re better than that.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to implement a successful marketing plan that works in your best interest during good and not so good times. If you’re a building product supplier and you’ve made it this far reading—we’d say it’s a fair statement you need a little guidance on marketing during all business phases. Agreed?

What is marketing really about?

Do you find yourself asking questions like, “My business is great, why should I invest in marketing?” Or, “My business is slow. How can I afford to invest in marketing?”


If this sounds familiar, you might be suffering from a form of marketing myopia. That’s right—we just diagnosed you with a condition that means you look at marketing as nothing more than “advertising” to drive sales for the short term.

Marketing is so much more than this… It’s not just about investing in a few ads, having a website, and some slick brochures.

Effective marketing is about building a relationship with your customers. A deeper relationship leading to customer loyalty and brand preference.

Take a look at the leading companies in your industry. And ask yourself:

  • Are they marketing some years but resting on their laurels during others?

  • Do they disappear from trade publications and events when the economy is going well?

Absolutely not. They look for new opportunities to expand their business. New marketing techniques.

The leaders keep leading. They continue to market their strengths. New products. New services. They develop channels to allow customers and prospective buyers to engage with them. They market every day to ensure solid business growth for the future.

“If you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind…” This is how you need to look at your own marketing efforts.

Take a lesson from market leaders. They market full speed ahead, in good times and bad. Learn from them.

Marketing isn’t intended to be a “silver bullet” to instantly boost sales.

In order to develop trust with potential customers, you have to establish credibility and build brand awareness for who you are as a company—as well as brand awareness for your products. How can you make your customers’ lives better with your brand and products? Marketing throughout the year, every year, no matter current economic situations, will encourage solid business growth and healthier profit margins in the long run.

As we’re heading into a new year, let’s start brainstorming together. How can you take your marketing efforts to the next level in 2018?

Here’s are a few ideas for you to take action and get started:

1. Digital Marketing helps level the playing field. It allows you to reach a large audience efficiently and cost-effectively. Are you informing, educating, and engaging your audience? 

2. Are you monitoring your website analytics? Is the content on your website optimized so that search engines will find you? Let's create an SEO strategy that drives more traffic to your website.

3. Develop a Social Media strategy to maximize your exposure and create a relationship with your customers, prospective buyers, and influencers.

4. How well does your marketing database serve you? Don't wait for the calls, the website visits, or customers and prospects to reach out to you first. Connect with them via email marketing—this should be part of your digital strategy. Let's develop targeted messages that develop meaningful relationships with your buyers and influencers.

Does any of this sound like a good idea to you? Let's stop here for now, though there are more ideas we can share.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, or are clueless about where to find the skills and time to even begin these projects, we’re here to help.

Our team is packed with over 37 years’ industry experience. We’re experts at driving demand, building brands, and generating more leads and sales in the industry (it helps that we have tremendous building product knowledge and understanding of the construction process).

Get your free 30 minute consultation with our marketing team today and let's get to work.