Sell Your Story, Not Just Your Products

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How TELLING YOUR STORY can increase sales

Storytelling has been around since the dawn of time. It has been used to pass on history to future generations, to entertain and to connect. Now, it is also a compelling and successful marketing strategy.

A great example of a company that is utilizing the power of storytelling is Under Armour. Earlier this year, the company released a commercial featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In the clip, Dwayne shares stories of athletes overcoming adversity and succeeding in their dreams. Johnson also briefly shares his story, and it is extremely compelling. The commercial opens with the questions, “So how do you make it? How do you overcome the odds?” It closes with, “How are you going to get here? Will finds a way.” The commercial leaves the viewer feeling empowered, inspired, and as if they can accomplish anything -- no matter what setbacks they may have experienced up to this point.

As human beings, we crave stories. We are always looking to find something, anything that we can relate to. By using storytelling in your marketing strategy, you are not only giving your audience what they want, but if done right, you are also connecting with them on a personal level. An article by Entrepreneur explains, “[Storytelling] gives meaning to a product that is otherwise impersonal...It builds relationships and inspires your audience/customers/stakeholders to make decisions beyond pure logical calculation.” Plus, stories are easier to remember than pure facts.

Additionally, according to Fast Company, “A compelling story with an emotional trigger alters our brain chemistry, making us more trusting, understanding of others, and open to ideas.” Stories can literally change minds, and that is powerful. After all, we are trying to change the minds of our target audience members, so that they choose our services rather than those of our competitors.

So why should you use your story to sell your service? Here are three reasons according to Forbes:

  1. Through storytelling, marketers can develop deeper connections with their audience. For example, Subaru uses stories to communicate love and establish their brand as one that sells vehicles for those who care for their loved ones. By doing so, they elevate their brand and solidify how their brand fits into the lives of consumers.
  2. Storytelling is a powerful method for learning. As marketers, stories allow us to communicate both knowledge and meaning in a way that resonates with our audience. As people, we learn best through stories because they are memorable and engage us on a mental and emotional level.
  3. Storytelling allows marketers to engage consumers in a fragmented media world. As consumers, we are inundated with advertisements and brands, which can be overwhelming. By using stories to connect with our audience, we are providing them with a new way to connect with our brand -- and we are setting ourselves apart from our competition.

Storytelling in marketing is not a new phenomenon by any means, but it is a strategy that every marketer should employ.

What is your story? What problems do you solve for your customers? How do you make your customer’s life easier? If you are struggling to tell your story in a compelling way, schedule your free 30-minute consultation today. We can help you tell your story.